“that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith”.    Romans 1:12



Update from Fuente de Vida‚Äč



       In 2017, 41 scholarships were given to 25 elementary, 8 middle, 8 high school, 2 university, 1 vocational, and 1 seminary students. Much appreciation is given to all at Trinity who have given scholarship support to these worthy and needy students.


      In response to questions in a previous letter to Fuente de Vida the following information was found: ten brothers (men) of the church do not have and would like Bibles, there are no Bibles in the church for adults or children; the roof of the church is in need of serious repair; the members are seeking a way to put a floor (most likely, cement) in the fellowship area, which is presently dirt and deeply rutted due to rain; and it is a joy to say that all families of the church now have water filters and thus, safe drinking water.


      The Partnership and Global Missions committees will soon be discussing possible ways to help with the above needs.


      The Mission Trip being planned for this June to visit our sisters and brothers at Fuente de Vida is being postponed due to the lack of church members interested or able to go at this time.


PWNC Education Committee Report

From January 2018

Joint Partnership Meeting

       On January 29th and 30th, four members of the PWNC Education Committee met with four members the Education Committees of our Guatemala Partnership.  Highlights of the visit together were celebrating and observing the work made possible by funds provided through the “Building Hope” project of the PWNC.  This includes:


      *Celebrating and meeting with the 8 University scholars. Listening to their difficult journeys and their great accomplishments.

      *A visit to Santo Domingo in Suchi Presbytery with partnership members to observe the progress of the “Reading is Key” library program in 6 schools.

      *Hearing reports from the 2 churches in Sur Presbytery that have begun “Reading is Key” library programs in their churches.  It is hoped that in the near future these programs will expand into the community.

      *Sur and Suchi Seminary Proposals were received for 2018.  Through “Building Hope”  $5,000 is being given each year to each seminary.

      The Education Committee of PWNC has also approved providing books for a Garbage Dump Reading Initiative in Guatemala City. This program will be called, Safe Passages.

      Great thanks all at Trinity who have given to the Building Hope campaign.  Donations may still be given through presbyterywnc.org. 




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