Solar Energy Project


Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter...

Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right

Caring for God's Creation - Solar panels convert the sun's rays into vibrant electricity that can be used to meet much of our church's energy needs while caring for God's beautiful creation by reducing our carbon footprint and our dependence on fossil fuel.


Members of Trinity have funded a MASSIVE project to take care of God's gift of our green Earth. Pledges Oct-Dec 2018: $56,475; received $56,557; Pledges Jan-Mar 2019: $23,086; received $11,300. Sugar Hollow is working on obtaining county permits. Rebate is still in process with Duke. Pray for sun!

Our Partners

Duke Energy.png

Progress so far...

After WEEKS of continuous rains, the drier weather means we are finally getting our roof replaced! (yay!) The Building and Grounds Ministry has financed and orchestrated our new roof, which will allow Sugar Hollow to begin installing our solar panels in a safe manner as soon as possible. 

“Check all the smiles on the solar panel in the narthex: your smiles, our smiles, so many wonderful smiles as, working together, praying together, we are accomplishing our environmental and economic goal of using solar energy for Trinity!” – Sandy Weeks

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