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The Finance/Stewardship Ministry is excited to provide these varied giving options. We are grateful for your support of all the wonderful missions at Trinity!

  1. Place cash or check in the offering plate

  2. Use your bank’s online bill pay system

  3. Use the "Donate" button below to make a gift using a debit/credit card OR scan the QR code on the pew card. Although you can also use these methods for electronic funds transfer from your savings or checking account, we ask you to consider #2 above instead to save Trinity the transaction fee.


  4. Make a gift of stock or other appreciated securities. Make your required minimum distribution (RMD) from your IRA. 

Contact the church Treasurer (Tom Karvonen or Assistant Treasurer (Fitz Sthreshley for more information on the types of gifts listed above (options #3 and #4).


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Did you know that you can now submit your 2023 Trinity Pledge Card ONLINE?!?
You will receive an immediate copy of your pledge via email (for your records) and our Stewardship Chair and Treasurer will receive copies as well.



Trinity Presbyterian Church’s founding members shared a strong commitment to sharing the Sovereignty of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Power of the Holy Spirit with all the people of the world. We turn today to this strong mission commitment to inform the work of the Global Missions Ministry. We actively participate in activities to minister to the needs of the poor, the sick, the lonely and powerless; by engaging in the struggles to free people from sin, fear, oppression, hunger and injustice; and by encouraging hope in a peaceful, loving world.


Because Trinity enjoys a strong Local Missions Ministry which focuses on needs within the Presbytery of Western North Carolina, the Global Missions Ministry has turned its attention to helping those further afield. Some of the activities and missions we support follow:


Guatemala Partnership –

Trinity has been in partnership with a small Presbyterian church in western Guatemala, Fuente de Vida (Fountain of Life), since 2003. Members of the Fuente de Vida congregation have hosted mission teams from Trinity on frequent occasions. Likewise, mission teams from Fuente de Vida have visited and preached at Trinity. Believing that faith and well-being are both supported by education, Trinity has supplied scholarship opportunities to numerous children from Fuente de Vida and Monterey, the local community. Prior to our support, not one child from Fuente de Vida had graduated from high school. Now there are four high school graduates, and some students have continued on to college.  

Mission Co-Workers – Guatemala - Sandi and Brian Thompson-Royer –

Guatemala is a patriarchal country where women are frequently ignored, assaulted, and killed with impunity. There are few female pastors or other successful women role models with whom Guatemalan women might interact. Sandi Thompson-Royer has a ministry focused on leadership development among the Sinodica, the women of the Presbyterian Church in Guatemala. These women are working courageously for change in their country and culture. Brian Thompson-Royer is an agricultural specialist and is working to support individual farmers and farm cooperatives.


Mission Co-Worker – Guatemala – Leslie Vogel –

Rev. Leslie Vogel has recently accepted the position of Presbyterian World Missions regional liaison for Guatemala and Mexico. Prior to this assignment, Leslie worked for the Protestant Center for Pastoral Studies (CEDEPCA), another Trinity mission. She has visited Trinity several times in recent years, helping us understand daily life amidst the political chaos in Nicaragua and Guatemala.  


Protestant Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America – CEDEPCA- Guatemala –

CEDEPCA is an ecumenical educational organization which works to transform lives in Central America. CEDEPCA is a highly organized and focused organization that specializes in disaster preparation, intercultural encounters, women’s ministry, and a biblical and theological seminary. Teams from Trinity have visited CEDEPCA on several occasions, and CEDEPCA representatives have visited Trinity to describe their multi-functional approach.  (


Ecumenical Center for Pastoral Integration – CEIPA – Guatemala –

CEIPA, located in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, promotes the interests of children and adolescents, especially those working in the city streets. CEIPA brings street education, medical referrals, and meals to those children who are forced by economic circumstances to work in the streets and four main markets, rather than attend school. This alternative education model takes education to where the students are, right to the city streets.  (


Center for Development – CDCA – Nicaragua –

The CDCA’s mission is to enable communities to become self-sufficient, sustainable, and democratic entities. Its primary focus is Ciudad Sandino, the most densely populated city in Nicaragua, and one of the poorest. CDCA works in the area of sustainable agriculture, sustainable economic development, health care, and education. (


Mission Co-Workers- Madagascar – Dr. Daniel and Elizabeth Turk –

Dan and Elizabeth Turk are working to improve lives in Madagascar. Elizabeth trains village health workers, helps communities develop safe drinking water sources, and educates church leaders and youth about HIV and AIDS prevention. Dan has helped the community develop an extensive fruit tree program to improve food security and nutrition in a country where 80% of people live in poverty. Trinity has supported the Turks with $2000 in 2019. (


Mission Co-Workers – Thailand - Andy and Ellen Collins-

The Collins family lives and works in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they partner with the Christian Communications Institute at Payap University. They focus on the Institute’s program of using drama and dance to communicate the gospel through Thai culture. The Collins and the CCI lead students to Christ by performing evangelistic Thai folk dramas in 25 villages throughout Thailand. The Collins and the CCI troupe visited Trinity in 2016 to demonstrate their unique evangelistic program. 


Nkoma Hospital – Malawi –

Trinity has enjoyed a long relationship with Nkoma Hospital. For many years, their chief physician was a mission co-worker from the Presbytery of Western North Carolina. The 220-bed hospital has evolved from a single missionary doctor to a modern facility that serves patients from all over Malawi and neighboring Mozambique. It has all major departments, including a busy ophthalmic department. On a yearly basis, 53,000 outpatients are seen and there are 19,000 admissions. 


Greenbelt Movement – GBM – Kenya -

The Greenbelt Movement is a non-governmental organization that focuses on environmental conservation, community development and capacity building. It was established in 1977, under the auspices of the National Council of Women of Kenya. It aims at organizing women in rural Kenya to plant trees, combat deforestation, and stop soil erosion. Since 1977, over 51 million trees have been planted, and 30,000 women have been trained in forestry, bee keeping, food processing and other trades. (


Theological Education Fund (PC(USA)) –

The Theological Education Fund prepares men and women in eleven seminaries in the USA to be pastors, educators, and musicians for congregations. Serving as centers for theological discourse and reflection, the seminaries provide advanced degrees and continuing education for pastors and lay leaders. (


Church World Services -

Church World Services was formed in 1946 in the aftermath of the second world war. Seventeen denominations came together to form an agency “to do in partnership what none of us could hope to do as well alone.” The mission: Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, comfort the aged, shelter the homeless. CWS affirms the power of individuals and communities to take ownership of their future. They meet people right where they are, helping them maintain solutions they can maintain – and build on. That means a refugee family is able to start a new life or a disaster victim is able to rebuild with safety and dignity.  (


Human Trafficking –

Human trafficking is human slavery, and western North Carolina, with its intersecting interstates, is among the top eight states with this criminal activity. Whether agricultural,

Industrial, service industry, or sexual, human trafficking victims are unable to advocate for themselves. Within the past two years, representatives from Trinity have engaged in letter-writing campaigns to elected officials, sponsored trafficking awareness in Sunday worship, and worked with local community agencies to assure their focus on trafficking victims. 


Presbyterian Disaster Assistance – PDA –

Natural disasters know no season. Volcano eruptions, hurricanes, fires, tornados, floods, and drought-induced famines just keep coming. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance affords us a way to assure that our dollars are going where they are needed. PDA can be on the ground not only in the USA but in countries around the world where they work in concert with local churches and other responders. By working with groups that already have a presence in the affected area, they can “hit the ground running” while providing for the needs of local people with cultural sensitivity.  PDA can be there right after disaster strikes and is prepared to stay for the long haul.  (



Have you been looking for ways to get involved and make a difference? There are myriad opportunities for service to the community, but it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to matching your skills and interests with the need. Fortunately, there are a couple of new ways for you to learn about volunteer opportunities and to get involved:


  • First, check out Trinity’s newly revised and updated Reach Out and Serve booklet. Copies are available in the Narthex.


  • Another option is to explore the United Way of Henderson County’s Volunteer Matching Program—an online, mobile-friendly portal within UWHC’s public website, listing volunteer opportunities at non-profit agencies located in Henderson County.  Members of the public can now view and apply online for volunteer positions that fit their skills and interests. Access the site by visiting and click on the “volunteer” button.






At Trinity, we believe all God’s children are gifted for ministry. We believe we are called to serve. When we use our gifts in service to others, we are Christ’s hands reaching out to those in need. We invite you to be active…doing the things you enjoy…by sharing your Time and Talent and Interests.


Prayerfully consider where and how God is calling you to use your time and talents. For more information about any of the volunteer opportunities or groups you are interested in participating in, please call the ministry or committee contact person listed.




Administration Ministry

Performs administrative functions including overseeing compliance with and revising by-laws, establishing policies and procedures, managing contracts, coordinating Minutes for Mission, and assisting establishing a public relations program for Trinity.

Ministry Member

Office Budget Management



Building and Grounds Ministry 

Maintains and cares for the existing facilities and grounds of the church.

Ministry Member


Indoor Gardening

Small Repairs

Sound & Light Operator

Recycling Program

Sunday Security Team

Columbarium Sales & Service


Christian Nurture Ministry 

Focuses on growing understanding of our commitment to Jesus Christ and God, CNM develops opportunities for spiritual growth, recommends and approves the curriculum for the Learning Hour and VBS, oversees the library and the audio-visual equipment.


Ministry Member

Adult Learning Hour Teacher

Library Committee

Youth Learning Hour Teacher

Children's Learning Hour Teacher

Nursery Volunteer

Working with Youth

Ohmann Committee (adult lecture series) 



Fellowship  Ministry  

Ensures that each member feels known and cared for. They are responsible for all programs and activities which help members know each other better and integrating new members into the life of the church.


Ministry Member

Wednesday Night Live Kitchen Crew

Sunday Coffee

Retreat Planning

Wednesday Night Live Program

Easter Breakfast


Finance Ministry 

Has oversight for all financial activities including Trinity Preschool, but excluding the Endowment Fund Committee.


Ministry Member

Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer


Monday Morning Volunteer

Systems and Reports 



Global  Missions  Ministry 

Fulfills the mission outreach for Trinity to fulfill the needs that exist beyond Henderson County. This includes coordinating 5 Cents a Meal offering, promoting special offerings, assisting with mission trips, and receiving reports from the Guatemala Partnership Committee.


Ministry Member

Liaison - 5 Cents a Meal

Guatemala Partnership

Mission Support Team

Special Offerings



Local Missions Ministry 

Leads the congregation in its outreach to the community through encouraging the congregation to be engaged in Local Mission opportunities and managing the funds allocated for Local Mission purposes. This ministry dreams big dreams of how Trinity might better serve the community in effective, meaningful, innovative, and theologically appropriate ways.


Ministry Member

Volunteer with:

Habitat for Humanity

Hendersonville Rescue Mission

Henderson County Guardian ad Litem program




and many more local agencies.



New Member Ministry 

Responsible for contacting potential new members, welcoming newcomers, and helping to integrate new members into the life of the congregation. They also plan orientation programs and support for individuals new to Trinity, assure suitable recognition of new members, and prepare the membership directory.


Ministry Member

Sunday Greeter

Trinity Thirty Host

"Trinity Pal" for new members

Membership Directory 



Personnel Ministry 

In conjunction with  the pastor, manages job descriptions, hiring, dismissal, terms of employment, employee performance, and problems on the job. Members must be ordained elders.


Ministry Member


Prayer  Shawl  Ministry  

Ministry members who knit or crochet (and those who would like to learn) create prayer shawls for Trinity members and community who are in need of comfort or a hug of celebration.


Ministry Member


Trinity is excited to invite you to join Trinity Presbyterian Knitters Ministry.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry at Trinity threads love, comfort, and prayers into each shawl; a spirit-guided outreach that blends gifts, talents and grace to celebrate God’s word. Care and the love of knitting and crocheting are combined into a prayerful ministry that creates shawls that wrap, enfold, comfort and give solace.  Each shawl will be blessed and distributed to those in need…with both the giver and the receiver feeling the unconditional embrace of our sheltering God.


We welcome all of you who knit or crochet to join the Prayer Shawl Ministry. You can craft in your own home and/or work on a shawl with the “Parlor Knitters” at church. Meetings are quarterly during the year. Put your faith and love into action by joining Trinity’s Prayer Shawl Ministry. Our brochures are on the “Welcome Table” at the church’s front doors.

Contact: Donna Dalton – 828-674-0335 


Prayer Shawl Ministry brochures are on the "Welcome” table at church’s front doors.


Stewardship Ministry 

Plans, organizes, and implements Trinity’s year-round stewardship effort encouraging church members to give time, talent, and treasure.


Ministry Member



Worship Ministry 

Makes arrangements for public, corporate worship of God fostering an inviting atmosphere for members and non-members. Responsibilities include the music program, paraments, banners, and other items for special occasions,  scheduling communion servers, ushers and sound booth personnel, and arrangements for liturgical seasons such as Lent and Advent.



Ministry Member

Flower Chairperson

Banner Making

Holiday Decorating

Adult Choir

Advent/Lent Committee

Communion Server

Communion Preparation




Take part in special programs:

(Speaker, Bible Character, Set Production, Costuming, etc.)



Board  of  Deacons 


Deacon Position

Alternate Deacon

Cookies for Memorial Services

Soups/Casseroles for Deacons' freezer

Intercessory Prayers 



Endowment  Fund  Committee 

Is charged with the management, operation, and administration of the Endowment Fund of Trinity.


Committee Member


Hannan Committee 

Oversees use of the Hannans’ gift to use music to enhance worship, increase fellowship, and extend outreach to our community.


Committee Member


Nominating Committee 


Committee Member


Technology Committee 
Serves as a resource group for Ministries and other committees on technology issues.


Committee Member


Office  Volunteers  


Lunch Time Volunteer


Bulk Mailing Crew






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