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Worship service 10:00 a.m.
(check our
calendar for special summer learning hours)

Livestream worship here at 10 a.m. or on our
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Online Worship
Summer Schedule: Worship at 10:00 am
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8:30 - Worship Service


9:45 - The Learning Hour

For Adults:

  • Lectionary Class: Trinity Room

Bible study of the Scripture passages used in Sunday worship services. (May not meet during Ohmann Lecture Series or other special events.)

  • Issues & Concerns: Fellowship Hall

A discussion-oriented class that tackles contemporary, social justice, and philosophical issues of interest to people of faith. Previous topics have included human trafficking, climate change, death with dignity, and mental health, among others. (May not meet during Ohmann Lecture Series or other special events.)

For Families:

  • Hashing It Out: Lounge

Parents and allies meet for this informal discussion group to support and uplift each other.

For Children and Youth:

  • Youth LHC: Room 106 (Downstairs)


10:30 - Choir Rehearsal

In addition to regular Wednesday Night rehearsals, the choir meets for a "brush-up" rehearsal a half-hour before the 11 o'clock service.

11:00 - Worship Service

12:00 - Coffee and Conversation

Join us after 11:00am worship for coffee, snacks, and the chance to get to know others in our congregation better.


Sunday Schedule
Worship Resources




- Every First Sunday of the Month

We celebrate the sacrament of communion each month. The congregation remains seated and bread and non-alcoholic wine are passed around.

Bread: When the bread is passed, we take and hold it until all are served, then eat it together at the same time as a symbol of our unity in Christ.

Wine: When the wine is passed, we drink on our own as a symbol of our individual relationship with Christ.

Our Hymnal - "Glory to God"

Glory to God is the new Presbyterian hymnal, published in 2013. It contains 853 hymns, psalms, and songs. About 400 hymns are carried over from the 1990 blue hymnal. There are more than 450 new hymns that come from older Presbyterian hymnals, other songbooks, and individual composers and authors.

Glory to God includes a complete Psalter of singable Psalms and enough music for a complete Taizé service. There are liturgical texts to serve as a model for Reformed worship, and a brief note is included with each hymn, providing information about its music, theology, or history.

Glory to God reflects the diversity of the church, incorporating many different musical styles: traditional, spirituals, folk, gospel, jazz, contemporary, and global music are all well-represented.

If you'd like to practice hymns, check out where you can view, read texts, and listen to recordings of hymns from "Glory to God". 


Sanctuary Screens


Bulletin information projected on our sanctuary screens:

- responsive readings

- prayers

- confessions

for your convenience (or if you wish to forgo taking a bulletin and save a tree!)

Accessibility & Assistive Resources 

Our bodies are all part of the body of Christ.

Let us know how we can help YOUR body be comfortable, safe, and welcome

- Eyes: Large Print Bulletins

- Ears: Hearing Assistive Devices (direct radio transmitters and "loop" devices for hearing aid users

- Hands: Worship Activity Bags or Knitting Projects for fidgets

- Feet: Ramps and Accessible Parking 

- Hearts: Prayer Shawls (for those in need of a warm hug)

- Minds: Quiet spaces (Family Room & Lounge) for neurodiverse folks in need of a less-stimulating environment

- Tummies: Our Communion elements are all gluten-free, coffee/tea available with or without caffeine, and sugar-free sweeteners available. 

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