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Earbuds Galore for Henderson County Migrant Education Students

by Leslie Nissen, Local Missions

Areli Perez Nava of the Migrant Education Program (MEP*) accepted the ear buds and headphones from Trinity with a huge, grateful smile!

Thanks to YOUR generous donations, and with Local Missions picking up the tab for the rest, ALL 182 children served by the MEP will start the school year with ear buds or headphones to use with their school laptops.

What a blessing!!!

AND we were able to provide some extra sets which will remain on standby at the MEP, for migrant children who will come in later in the school year -- and also for when a set breaks or is lost.

Areli was OVER THE MOON!!! And she was very happy to tell us (on camera) how the program supports migrant workers and their families. Go to the Local Missions tab on Trinity’s website to see Areli’s enlightening explanation or watch video below.


*The Migrant Education Program is part of the Henderson County Public School System. However, they are critically dependent upon donations from the community. The MEP “office,” a classroom portable located at Upward Elementary School, is packed with air mattresses, fans, book bags, clothing, and more!

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