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By Enrique Sanchez and The Earth Caring Ministry

This is what YOU can do to care more for the trees on earth. These are just the tip of the iceberg of ideas --anyone will help, though some more than others):

  • Increase your awareness about the critical role that trees play on earth and on the eco-system. Watch out for an upcoming posting here on the Trinity blog.

  • Find out how trees talk to each other in this short TED Talk.

  • Join us on October 17th to plant 40 trees in Hendersonville (even if you only bring water and cookies). (the holes will pre-done). Sign up below.

  • Fight deforestation and promote reforestation. Support your National and State Parks, and write to your elected officials.

  • Learn how Timber cities might help to decarbonize the world.

  • Donate a tree as a gift or memorial.

  • Protect a tree from being destroyed.

  • Support tree preserving and/or planting initiatives in Western NC (like Conserving Carolina and Mountain True). Support their efforts to reduce urban sprawl and keep our forests in Henderson County with the 2045 Comprehensive Development Plan.

  • Donate to conservationist organizations, like The Nature Conservancy and many others.

  • Stop flushing tree-paper down the toilet --literally, like ... T.P. and P.T. (paper towels). Charmin is devastating the ancient Canadian boreal forests, which take decades to grow. Use instead bamboo-based products, which grows to harvest maturity in 3 years. If everybody in the US did, it would save 526 million trees a year. Check here for comparison shopping, from Who Gives a Crap to Cloud Paper. (Yes, it’s expensive...but we are paying far, far more through the damage done by the climate crisis.). Sometimes, they are at CVS (see pictures), with weekly discounts; we also found occasionally at Lowes and Home Depot.

  • Plant a tree... and then another one...and then another one. Repeat. Keep watering it to survive the hot or drought times.

  • Become a tree ambassador: encourage others to practice these eco-tips.

We need trees, trees, and more trees!

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