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A Gallery Adventure

I stared with astonishment at a quilted birdhouse by Didi Salvatierra.

Who would think to make that?

“You can come to some of our classes with no experience and we provide the materials,” said Diane Dean, as she welcomed me to the Art Place.

Diane is president of the Art League which sponsors events and encourages all types of artistic activities.


The Art Place, home of the Art League of Henderson County <> is located on Asheville Highway close to Ingles. The Art League has been active since 1972. They sponsor exhibits at the Hendersonville Public Library, the Art Place and other galleries. Seasonal events like the Fabulous Fakes last April, the Open Studio Tour in October, and the November Showcase keep our artistic community active.

“We have 23 working artists in our Art Place Studios next door,” Diane continued as I stood transfixed by “Birch Beauties” by Sheri Pannone. The elegant display area was filled with a variety of offerings; watercolors, fabric, oil colors, and ceramics. As I wandered I heard unfamiliar words like texture, interact, collaborative, and inspire.

“We even have a “Hot and Dirty” area for wood and metal work,” Diane continued. “Some classes are over a four-week period. Some during the day; some at night. Many are one and done!”

I moved on to examine fabric hangings with stone by Tracey McMahan. How in the world did she do that?

“We also have lots of active volunteers. So whatever your level, you can try it out. See if it is your thing,” Diane concluded.

I left thinking that just viewing art and talking with the artists may be my “thing”. The pieces that most moved me celebrated nature and reminded me how precious our world is. The artists encouraged me to look at and appreciate the beauty of creation, both God’s and human's. Art does that!

If you are interested, visit the Art Place at 2021 Asheville Hwy, Hendersonville, NC 28791 Gallery/Office Hours: Wed - Sat 11:00 am - 4:00 pm or see the website <>

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