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Can You Help? Make Coffee on Sundays

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Hi Trinity Friends,

I'm reaching out to you because you've either assisted with Trinity coffee hours in the past or you've recently indicated that you'd be willing at help out now that we've begun having beverages available again on Sunday mornings. Thank you for your previous help and hopefully for your future assistance.

A sign-up sheet for beverage preparers for each service will be available in the atrium on Sunday mornings. Please look for it and sign up as often as you are willing. With the sign-up there will be a "how to" sheet for each service for those who may not be familiar with the process. For now, we're only preparing coffee and lemonade. This has kept the task manageable for one person for each time slot.

If you're interested in expanding our coffee times to include snacks, please let me know and we'll gather interested folks to discuss how to best coordinate such an effort.

Thank you all for helping out...past, present, and future!

Julie Carter

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